Software Test


Korea’s Top Automated Software Testing Solution

MAT (Machine Auto Tester)

· GUI-based SW testing tool

· Compatibility with various type of devices

· Supports various external devices (robots, measuring instruments)

· Easy-to-use script development environment

MAT, a proprietary test supporting solution developed by Linkgenesis enables customers to reduce the product verification cost and carry out tests with high reliability, based on the distinquished features including convenient device connection, easier script development and compatibility with various external devices, etc.

Features and Key Functions of MAT

1) User-Oriented Test Automation

· Allows users to generate and test events on user interface without modifying or adding sources.
· Offers semi-auto testing for items that are not suitable for fully automated testing.

2) High Applicability and Compatibility for Device Platforms

· Supports wide variety of applications including Windows application, mobile apps, automotive,
    consumer electronics
· Compatible with new/proprietary operating systems used in touch robot, vision camera, etc.

3) Easy-To-Use Script Development Environment

· C-Style script language has a low learning curve and easy to debug.
· Offers an easy-to-use script development environment with key logging and GUI scripting

4) Accurate Testing Based on Screen Images & Object Information

· Allow quick image identification and comparison by adopting independent image algorithm
· Integrated with image comparison and object concepts, tests can be done more quickly
   and accurately

5) Reusable Automation Scripts

· Supports module-based script development
· Resource (reference) Editor allows to easily update scripts with any changes in user interfaces
   and images

6) Wide Automation Coverage Extended by External Devices

· DLL Manager supports integration with various measuring equipments,
   simulators (CAN, Noise), power supply, wireless AP, test bench, jig, etc.

7) Supporting High End Testing Features including Recognition

· Recognition features for characters, sounds, images, etc., support complicated test scenarios.
· Helps extend your test automation coverage with increased efficiency

MAT System Configuration

MAT communicates with terminals directly through MAT Agent (Terminal Control/screen
image transfer), and offers the high connectivity with peripherals.

Test Automation Process

Product Line-up

MAT is offered in two versions; Full and Play.
In case of implementing with multiple MATS, the combination of some Full versions and a larger number of Play versions can significantly reduce the initial cost of automation system implementation.

Category MAT Full MAT Play Remarks
Project Create X
Device Connection
Script Development Script Edit X
Key Logging X
Script Easy Creator X
Debugging X
Resource Editor X
External Device Support Supports DLL
Testing Individual Testing
Batch Management
Test Report
Integration with Character Recognition Character recognition module is optional
Integration with MAT Manager MAT Manager is optional

System Requirements

· CPU : Intel Core2Duo or higher / AMD Athlon6 or Higher
· HDD : 1GB
· Memory : 1GB
· Display : 1024 x 768 or higher
· OS : Windows 7 / Windows 8
· Protection Key : H/W Protection (Parallel port or USB port)

MAT Manager is a management tool for automated tests that offers efficient management features designed for multiple MATs connected from remote places. MAT Manager allows users to view the status of MATs in remote places, set the testing conditions, collect and analyze test results from reporte places.

Easy access to diverse peripherals through MAT DLL Manager can enhance the test automation coverage.

○ Touch Robot

· Controls test execution system through physical touch by robot in
   actual user environment.

○ Selector (USB, USIM, SD Card)

· Test equipment for the compatibility between USB, USIM, SD Card, T-Flash, etc.,
   of all makers

○ USB Cut Selector

· Equipment for control power source of USB cable, or measuring the
   consumption of current at terminals

○ Vision Camera

· A device that collects screen images from each device without loads to the device.
· Comparison and performance evaluation through analysis and processing of
   collected images

○ CAN Box / Neo VI Fire

· A device that delivers certain or random CAN messages to AVN
* Can be implemented conveniently through MAT CAN Control Module,
   with no separation of CAN BOX/ Neo VI Fire or additional CAN S/W